• Thomas C. Dolan, PhD, FACHE

    Thomas C. Dolan, PhD, FACHE, CAE
    President and CEO, American College of Healthcare Executives
    Parker B. Francis Distinguished Lecture
    "Aspirations of a Servant Leader"

    Thomas C. Dolan, PhD, FACHE, CAE, has led the American College of Healthcare Executives as president and CEO for 21 years, through times of great change, growth and success. Throughout his career, Dr. Dolan's commitment to actively helping and serving others has gone far beyond ACHE's members and staff, reaching the greater association community, healthcare field, academia, and non- and for-profit businesses. At this Congress, just months before his retirement, Dr. Dolan will reveal important self-discoveries and experiences that have guided his leadership journey. This session will reinforce and challenge your way of thinking as he shares career reflections, confessions, advice, memories and, most of all, his hard-earned lessons.

  • Ramanathan  M. Raju, MD, FACHE

    Ramanathan M. Raju, MD, FACHE
    CEO, Cook County Health and Hospitals System
    Arthur C. Bachmeyer Memorial Address and Luncheon
    "Healthcare Is Better by Inclusion"

    Language barriers and cultural beliefs impact treatment goals and outcomes leading to healthcare disparities. The healthcare disparities that exist today can be better managed by appreciating and including culturally diverse groups' needs into treatment plans. From firsthand experience both as the CMO of New York City Health and Hospitals and now as the CEO of Chicago's largest healthcare provider, Dr. Ram Raju will illustrate how a culturally competent workforce can deliver better results and greater outcomes and bridge the healthcare disparities gap. Join Dr. Raju for this compelling presentation.

  • Donna E. Shalala, PhD

    Donna E. Shalala, PhD
    President, University of Miami
    Malcolm T. MacEachern Memorial Lecture and Luncheon
    "Navigating Healthcare Transformation: Using Nurses More Effectively"

    Take the critical steps healthcare executives can immediately implement to improve quality, patient satisfaction and revenue sustainability by following the recommendations from the Institute of Medicine's report on the future of nursing to help hospitals and other healthcare providers proactively address issues of accountability and cost reduction. This informative session will be led by Dr. Donna Shalala, who in 1993 was appointed by President Clinton to U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) for eight years, becoming the longest-serving HHS secretary in U.S. history. Learn how healthcare organizations can successfully address new quality measures, accountability requirements and reimbursement structures in light of an aging and more diverse population, millions more insured due to the Affordable Care Act and more patients with multiple chronic conditions.

  • Connie Mariano, MD

    Connie Mariano, MD
    General Internist and Retired Navy Rear Admiral
    Leon I. Gintzig Commemorative Lecture and Luncheon
    "The White House Doctor: My Patients Were Presidents"

    When Navy doctor Commander Connie Mariano accepted a two-year tour as a White House physician, she never imagined she would stay on. Yet Dr. Mariano served nine years as the president's doctor, first for the final year of George H.W. Bush's term, then for the eight years of Bill Clinton's term and, lastly, during the first year of George W. Bush's first term in office. During those years she not only cared for the leader of the free world and the entire first family, she also cared for dignitaries and traveled all over the world with the presidents in her charge. Share an intimate view and personal insights of the woman who was the primary physician to three U.S. presidents.

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