Congress on Healthcare Leadership 2015

ACHE's 2014 Congress Main Speakers

  • Susan Dentzer

    Susan Dentzer
    Senior Policy Adviser, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/Health Analyst, PBS NewsHour
    Parker B. Francis Distinguished Lecturer
    "Achieving the Potential of Health System Transformation"

    Meeting the challenges of the Triple Aim—achieving better U.S. population health, delivering higher quality and safer healthcare and at an affordable, sustainable cost—poses an enormous challenge for the United States and its healthcare system. Full implementation of the Affordable Care Act is fueling the transformation, but changes will be needed far outside the contours of the law and will create both new responsibilities and opportunities for healthcare leaders. Dentzer, a frequent guest and commentator on National Public Radio shows including This American Life, will review the key challenges and offer examples of innovators and systems that are taking up the gauntlet. They are discovering what the late author James Baldwin once observed: "Those who say it can't be done are usually interrupted by others doing it."

  • William Richardson, PhD, HFACHE

    William Richardson, PhD
    President/CEO Emeritus, W.K. Kellogg Foundation
    Arthur C. Bachmeyer Memorial Address and Luncheon
    "The Long Path to Healthcare Quality in the 20th Century"

    The evolution of personal healthcare in the United States throughout the last 100 years gradually sowed the seeds for what we are seeing in the field today, namely, a major leap forward in terms of safety and quality of care. Dr. Richardson is a member of the Institute of Medicine and was chair of the Committee on Quality of Health Care in America when it produced To Err Is Human, the landmark report on healthcare safety. During this address, he will discuss how the healthcare field has made great strides in safety and quality. He will also illustrate how healthcare organizations can sustain this upward trend.

  • Joseph R. Swedish, FACHE

    Joseph R. Swedish, FACHE
    CEO, WellPoint Inc.
    Malcolm T. MacEachern Memorial Lecture and Luncheon
    "The Changing Insurer-Provider Dynamic"

    In today's healthcare environment, payor and provider market segments must work more closely together than ever to ensure affordable, quality care. Join Swedish as he highlights how it is possible to align incentives and create win-win partnerships that will be essential in the future. He will share his perspectives for how to succeed in these partnerships. Swedish has more than 40 years of diverse executive healthcare leadership experience, including 24 years serving as CEO for major health and hospital systems.

  • Connie Mariano, MD

    Tim King
    President/CEO, Urban Prep Academies, Chicago
    Leon I. Gintzig Commemorative Lecture and Luncheon
    "What Happens When We Believe"

    Tim King is the Founder and CEO of Urban Prep Academies, the country's first network of charter public high schools for boys. One-hundred percent of Urban Prep graduates, all African- American males and mostly from low-income households, have been admitted to college. Please join Mr. King as he discusses Urban Prep's origins, the organization's innovative programs and the motivations behind its students' unparalleled levels of success. King's lessons will have applications—and inspiration—for your own organization.

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