The Chairman-Elect is a member of the governing body of ACHE and is responsible, as a board member, for the overall direction of ACHE through policy decisions.


The Chairman-Elect shall perform the duties of the office of Chairman when the Chairman is unable to do so and carry out such other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Chairman of the Board of Governors.

The Board of Governors shall have charge of the property of ACHE and shall have authority to control and manage the affairs and funds of ACHE and is the Board of Directors described in the Illinois General Not-for-Profit Corporation Act.

Recommended Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

  • Knowledge of the programs, products and services of ACHE including recent history and developments;
  • Knowledge of the local, state and regional healthcare community, as well as broad knowledge of the national healthcare system including national trends and developments in the effective management of healthcare;
  • Effective public speaking skills;
  • Awareness and experience with effective governance practices;
  • Negotiation, influencing and policy decision/analysis skills; and personal organizational skills

Meeting Requirements:

The Board of Governors meets three times annually—in March at ACHE's Congress on Healthcare Leadership (two meetings), in June in a retreat format (three days), and in November (two days).

The Chairman-Elect is a member of the Executive Committee, which holds three in-person meetings each year (in conjunction with each Board meeting). In addition, members of the Executive Committee are required to meet via teleconference an average of five times each year and to vote on issues/matters via electronic ballot an average of 20 times annually.

The Chairman-Elect serves as Chairman of the Finance Committee, which meets twice each year—in the spring either in Chicago or by teleconference and in the fall either in Chicago or by teleconference.

Other Commitments:

The Chairman-Elect is also asked to attend:

  • A two-day orientation program in January conducted by the American Society of Association Executives.
  • A one-day New Governor/Chairman-Elect orientation held in Chicago in February or March.
  • ACHE's Congress on Healthcare Leadership, held annually. In addition to the Congress Board meetings, functions include the Regents Leadership Conference, Council of Regents Meeting, Annual Membership Meeting, Regents Recognition Reception and Dinner, Convocation Ceremony, Modern Healthcare Health Care Hall of Fame Dinner, Board of Governors Dinner (with corporate partners), keynote sessions, luncheons, and various receptions. The Chairman-Elect's Congress schedule begins with an Executive Committee meeting on the Friday prior to the start of Congress and concludes the following Wednesday evening.
  • Two of the six Fall District Meetings. (District meetings are conducted in concert with the Chapter Leaders Conference at a location near Chicago).
  • The annual Chapter Leaders Conference, a program to provide training and information for the leaders of ACHE's independent chapters, generally held in September or October.
  • ACHE breakfasts, luncheons and dinners held in conjunction with state healthcare association meetings and ACHE chapter meetings at the request of Regents and chapters to the extent that the Chairman-Elect's personal schedule permits. The Chairman-Elect will serve as speaker for the ACHE event. Healthcare association and chapter functions are placed on the Chairman-Elect's schedule through ACHE staff requests and as the Chairman-Elect's schedule permits.)

Serve as an example to ACHE members by making a meaningful annual tax-deductible contribution to ACHE's Fund for Innovation in Healthcare Leadership.

As members of the ultimate fiduciary body within ACHE, members of the Board of Governors are expected to refrain from applying for grants and competitive speaking and writing opportunities from ACHE unless a prior contractual arrangement exists (e.g., a current Health Administration Press author).

Members of the Board of Governors are also expected to refrain from participating in any activity (e.g., advertorials, panelist at customized events, focus groups, etc.) that would appear as an endorsement of one or more Corporate Partners' products, programs or services, and thus an implied endorsement by ACHE.

Financial Support:

The Chairman-Elect of ACHE will be reimbursed for reasonable, actual expenses incurred when traveling on official ACHE business and will receive a annual office allowance of $1200.

Eligibility Criteria:

Fellow of ACHE in good standing.


One year (Note: officers of ACHE serve three successive one-year terms, first as Chairman-Elect, then Chairman, and Immediate Past Chairman.)

If the Chairman is unable to perform the duties of the office, the Chairman-Elect will succeed to the office of Chairman and will continue to serve as Chairman for the subsequent year.

Last Updated July 2011