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Travel Expense Reimbursement

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It is the policy of the American College of Healthcare Executives to reimburse reasonable, actual expenses incurred when traveling on official ACHE business.



Reimbursement for air travel is made at coach-class air fare by the most direct or most economical route from the point of origin (traveler�s normal place of business) to the destination. Discounted air travel is encouraged.


Travel by personal automobile is reimbursable at the IRS standard mileage rate in effect at the time travel commences, although for extended automobile travel, mileage reimbursement will be limited to the equivalent of round trip, coach class airfare. Limousine fares incurred traveling to and from airports, and taxi and bus fares incurred traveling locally between business related functions are reimbursable at actual cost. Automobile rental will be reimbursed when authorized in advance by staff. When renting in the United States, all applicable insurance should be waived. Parking and toll charges are reimbursable at actual cost when traveling by personal or rental automobile and when not considered commuting expenses.


The cost of a single guest room is reimbursable for the evening prior to the meeting. If an additional night�s stay is required because of an inability to schedule a flight out, the cost of the room is reimbursable when authorized in advance by staff.

When a direct master billing to ACHE has been arranged for a room, only the room rate and associated tax is covered. All other charges against the guest room are the traveler�s responsibility upon check-out. Reimbursable items charged to guest rooms such as meals, etc., should be submitted as part of the reimbursement request. Because of the short duration of most meetings, valet and laundry charges are not reimbursable.

If the traveler elects to stay in another facility, reimbursement is made only up to the rate charged by the facility selected by ACHE. Reimbursement is not made for transportation between the alternate facility and the meeting site.

Weekend accommodations associated with a discounted airfare are reimbursable when authorized in advance. Meals or other expenses incurred during an extended stay at the meeting site are reimbursable. The cost savings realized from a discounted airfare should be sufficient to cover any weekend meal, hotel, and car rental expenses incurred as a result of the extended stay.

During an extended stay at the meeting site travel to other locations for personal reasons is not reimbursable.


The reasonable cost of three meals per day, if not provided by ACHE, is reimbursable. The cost of meals purchased elsewhere is not reimbursable, when ACHE schedules group meal functions as a part of official meetings. Meals purchased for others are reimbursable for persons identified as those for whom ACHE has responsibility for such expenses.

The guidelines as of January 1, 2010 are:

Breakfast $20.00
Lunch $25.00
Dinner $60.00

Meal tips are to be included with the cost of the meal.

The amounts are for a specific meal, not for a full day; and only the actual cost or the guideline amount will be reimbursed, whichever is lower.


Telephone charges relating to official ACHE business are reimbursable.


Personal entertainment expenses are not reimbursable.


Please itemize miscellaneous travel expenses when requesting reimbursement.


The following documents are to be attached to the reimbursement request, as appropriate:

    • Transportation ticket stub.
    • Paid bill for lodging.
    • Car rental invoice.
    • Receipts for parking charges.
    • Receipts for all reimbursable items, showing amount, date, place and purpose