Journal of Healtcare Management: Digital Edition

Trends in Patient-Centered Building Design
Volume 31 • Number 1 • Fall 2014

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Connie J. Evashwick, LFACHE


Current Trends in Health Facility Planning, Design, and Construction
Craig Beale, FACHE, and Frank D. Kittredge Jr., FACHE

The Hospital of the Future: The Vision, the Journey, the Reality
Michael H. Covert, FACHE


Benefits of a Co-design Model in Healthcare Don't End with the New Building
Rulon F. Stacey, FACHE, and Carolyn Wilson

Patient Protection, Affordable Care, and Accountable Design
Ellen Taylor and Debra Levin

Evidence-Based Design and Organizational Structure
Charles W. Callahan, Richard J. Repeta Jr., and Sterling S. Sherman, FACHE