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Community Health Orientation, Community-based Quality Improvement, and Health Promotion Services in Hospitals Gregory O. Ginn, Ph.D., and Charles B. Mosely, Ph.D.  JHM 49:5
Development and Validation of a 360-Degree-Feedback Instrument for Healthcare Administration Andrew N. Garman, Psy.D.; J. Larry Tyler, FACHE; and Jodi S. Darnall  JHM 49:5
Five Critical Strategies for Achieving Operational Efficiency William J. Hejna and James E. Hosking, FACHE  JHM 49:5
Improving Resource Efficiency Through Management Science Lee Revere, Ph.D., and Ralph Robert, Ph.D.  JHM 49:5
Interview with Kevin Lofton, FACHE   JHM 49:5
Managing Physician Resistance to Change Barbara LeTourneau, M.D., M.B.A., CPE  JHM 49:5
Nursing Home Administrators' Level of Job Satisfaction Barbara Murphy, PhD  JHM 49:5