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Application of Six Sigma/CAP Methodology: Controlling Blood-Product Utilization and Costs Robert A. Neri, Cindy E. Mason, and Lisa A. Demko  JHM 53:3
Happy Together: Consumer Expectation for a Public-Private Healthcare System Sandy Lutz  JHM 53:3
Interview with Wayne B. Sorensen, PhD Kyle L. Grazier  JHM 53:3
Organizational Resilency: How Top-Performing Hospitals Respond to Setbacks in Improving Quality of Cardiac Care Tashonna R. Webster, Leslie Curry, David Berg, Martha Radford, Harlan M. Krumholz, and Elizabeth H. Bradley  JHM 53:3
Strategic Planning Process and Hospital Financial Performance Amer A. Kaissi and James W. Begun  JHM 53:3
Variations in Hospital Administrative Costs Niccie L. McKay, Christy Harris Lemak and Annesha Lovett  JHM 53:3
What's In It for You? Understanding the Plight of the Uninsured Dean G. Smith  JHM 53:3