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Choosing Your Charity Sandy Lutz  JHM 53:5
Gender and Leadership in Healthcare Administration: 21st Century Progress and Challenges Paula M. Lantz  JHM 53:5
Interview with Daivd A. Stark, FACHE, Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, Iowa Health-Des Moines Kyle L. Grazier  JHM 53:5
Sickle Cell Hospital Unit: A Disease-Specific Model Patricia Adams-Graves, Elizabeth J. Ostric, Mary Martin, Pat Richardson, and James B. Lewis, Jr.  JHM 53:5
The Early Indicators of Financial Failure: A Study of Bankrupt and Solvent Health Systems Joseph S. Coyne and Sher G. Singh  JHM 53:5
Using Leadership Development Programs to Improve Quality and Efficiency in Healthcare Ann Scheck McAlearney  JHM 53:5