What's New at ACHE - September 20, 2014

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  • For CEOs Only: Get New Approaches for Improving Margins

    Accountable Health Organizations, reimbursement decreases, physician practice integration and transparency have all elevated the need for aggressive margin improvement. CEOs can explore fresh approaches to achieving greater cost improvements at this year’s CEO Circle Forum, “Living on Medicare Rates: A Senior Leader Margin Improvement Planning Program,” October 6–7, 2014, at The US Grant in San Diego. You will benefit from research on over $400 million in bottom-line savings among more than 65 healthcare organizations.

    Earn 12 ACHE Face-to-Face Education credits while exchanging ideas with your CEO colleagues. This program sells out quickly—register today!

  • Take Advantage of the Ray E. Brown Management Resource Center

    The Ray E. Brown Management Resource Center, named after ACHE's former Chairman, Gold Medal recipient and founder of the Congress on Healthcare Leadership, contains a wide variety of valuable resources for members.

    In the Strategies for Excellence section, you’ll find articles from Healthcare Executive, selected books for purchase from Health Administration Press and other resources such as the ACHE Code of Ethics organized into 18 content areas.

    The Databases, Statistical Resources and Research section includes convenient links to resources such as ACHE research studies, Key Industry Facts, WHO World Health Statistics and Health, United States, Healthy People.

    The Ray E. Brown Management Resource Center also includes links to non-ACHE periodicals, newsletters and reports, as well as the websites of healthcare and governmental organizations and selected nonprofit organizations dealing with healthcare issues.

    Access these valuable resources today.

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Host a Summer Intern to Cultivate Diversity in Healthcare Management

The Institute for Diversity in Health Management is looking for host sites to participate in its Summer Enrichment Program. The program places promising, minority graduate students in immersive internships at hospitals and medical centers, giving the students a real-world internship experience.

Acting as a host site in the SEP helps cultivate diversity among future leaders, allowing the healthcare field to better serve communities. Participation in the SEP also demonstrates that a hospital is committed to inclusive cultural diversity in the healthcare profession, and the facilities get an early opportunity to recruit these top students from accredited national health training programs.

To learn more, please visit the IFD's page for SEP host sites.

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December 18, 2013

Examine the Ethical Implications of Your Decisions

Good management requires making morally sound decisions and understanding the ethical implications for your organization, your community, your patients and your career. In HAP’s newest release, The Tracks We Leave: Ethics and Management Dilemmas in Healthcare, Second Edition, author Frankie Perry explains the kinds of management dilemmas and moral challenges that confront healthcare managers on a day-to-day basis.

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