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Applying the Balanced Scorecard in Healthcare Provider Organizations Noorein Inamdar and Robert S. Kaplan  JHM 47:3
Case Management: A Serious Solution for Serious Issues Alan E. Cudney, RN, FACHE  JHM 47:3
Comparison of Specialty Referral Patterns of Primary Care Providers Linda W. Fisher, FACHE  JHM 47:3
Eliminating the Disparities in Treatment: The Link to Healing a Nation David Barton Smith  JHM 47:3
Interview with Rupert Evans, Sr., FACHE Kyle L. Grazier, PhD  JHM 47:3
Managing the Workforce Reduction: Hospital CEO Perceptions of Organizational Dysfunction Kent V. Rondeau and Terry H. Wagar  JHM 47:3
The Nursing Shortage: Why Is It Happening? Steven M. Barney, FACHE  JHM 47:3