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Changes in Service Availability in California Hospitals, 1995 to 2002 Paul B. Kirby, Joanne Spetz, Lisa Maiuro, and Richard M. Scheffler  JHM 51:1
Hospital Information Technology and Positive Financial Performance: A Different Approach to Finding an ROI Nir Menachemi, Jeffrey Burkhardt, Richard Schewchuk, Darrell Burke, and Robert G. Brooks  JHM 51:1
Interview with Teri G. Fontenot, FACHE Kyle L. Grazier, PhD  JHM 51:1
Leadership Competencies: An Introduction Andrew N. Garman and Mathew P. Johnson  JHM 51:1
Opportunities for Improving Patient Care Through Lateral Integration: The Clinical Nurse Leader James W. Begun, Jolene Tornabeni, and Kenneth R. White  JHM 51:1
Pay for Performance: Finding Common Ground Kaveh Safavi  JHM 51:1