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Assessment and Improvement of the Italian Healthcare System: First Evidence from a Pilot National Performance Evaluation System Sabina Nuti, Chiara Seghieri, Milena Vainieri, and Silvia Zett  JHM 57:3
Data-Driven Process and Operational Improvement in the Emergency Department: The ED Dashboard and Reporting Application Suzanne Stone-Griffith, Jane D. Englebright, Dickson Cheung, Kimberly M. Korwek, and Jonathan B. Perlin  JHM 57:3
Excellence in Patient Satisfaction Within a Patient-Centered Culture Barbara Cliff  JHM 57:3
Financial Performance Monitoring of the Technical Efficiency of Critical Access Hospitals: A Data Enveloping Analysis and Logistic Regression Modeling Approach Asa B. Wilson, Bernard J. Kerr, Nathaniel D. Bastian, and Lawrence V. Fulton  JHM 57:3
Interview with Major General David A. Rubenstein, FACHE, Commanding General of the US Army Medical Department Center and School, and Chief, US Army Medical Service Corps Stephen J. O'Connor  JHM 57:3
Longitudinal Changes in the Operating Efficiency of Public Safety-Net Hospitals Jeffrey R. Helton and James R. Langabeer  JHM 57:3
Waste Not: The Management Imperative for Healthcare Gary S. Kaplan  JHM 57:3