Become a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE) and earn the distinction of board certification in healthcare management.

Step 1–Apply and Be Authorized to Sit for the Exam

Eligibility requirements to submit an FACHE application:
  • Member Status: Must be a current ACHE member to apply. Membership tenure will be considered in Step 2.
  • Education: Master’s or other post baccalaureate degree. Submit a copy of your diploma or transcripts showing completion of program.
  • Experience: In a current healthcare management position and at least two years of approved experience. Submit an organizational chart, job description, and current resume. How does ACHE define a healthcare management position?
  • References: Include the names of three active Fellows of ACHE from whom you will solicit references. One of these references will need to be in the form of a structured interview. What is a Structured Interview?

Apply for Board Certification

Download an Application Form (PDF)

NOTE: An online payment of $250 will be required to submit an application. All additional documents may be submitted with the online application or any time after the application fee has been processed. We request 5–7 business days to review your application and will notify you of the status of your application after that time.

* Your Fellow application will remain valid for three years. All requirements must be met during these three years, including tenure and experience.

Step 2–After the Exam and Requirements to Advance

After passing the Board of Governors Exam, the other requirements you must meet, if you haven't already, include:
  • Three years tenure as an ACHE Member, Faculty Associate or International Associate.
  • Be in a healthcare management position and have five years of approved healthcare management experience.
  • Earn 36 hours of Healthcare Management Continuing Education credit during the three years before you become a Fellow; 12 of which must be ACHE Face-to-Face Education and the remaining 24 hours can be ACHE Qualified Education credit. If you applied before Jan. 1, 2014, 40 hours of credit earned within the past five years will be required. Credentialing Changes Quick Reference Guide (PDF).
  • Participate in two healthcare and two community/civic activities during the three years before you become a Fellow. What are examples of two healthcare and two community/civic activities?

NOTE: Go to frequently to view the status of your application.

Are you a former Diplomate? You may be eligible to advance to FACHE!

Learn More About Advancing to Fellow

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