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    Consumerism and the Empowered Patient Experience

    Laura Anderson

    There is a fundamental shift happening in healthcare. Increasingly, patients are becoming active, empowered consumers, shopping for care just like they do for any other good or service. They’re looking for quality and value. As an industry, we have the op...

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    Inspiring the Next Generation of Latino Leaders in Healthcare

    Monica Vargas-Mahar, FACHE

    As National Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close, I am pleased to have the opportunity to share my unique perspective on how we, as Latino leaders, can mentor, support and inspire future generations in healthcare. I was born and raised in El Paso,...

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    Protecting the San Carlos Apache Community During the Pandemic

    Nam Le-Morawa, DPT

    On May 21, 2020, the San Carlos Apache community in Arizona saw its first patient who tested positive for COVID-19. The tribe was one of the hardest hit in the country with an overall incidence of COVID-19 infections at 30% and the death rate at 1.4% at i...

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    5 Tips for Transitioning Leaders

    Transitioning jobs is not a matter of if, but when, for most healthcare leaders. In today’s work climate it is rare for any professional to stay with one employer for the duration of their entire career, and healthcare is no exception. In fact, a U.S. Bur...

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