Fall Into These Health Administration Press Books

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Explore this month’s selections for our “What’s On Your Bookshelf?” series from Health Administration Press, the publishing division of the Foundation of the American College of Healthcare Executives. As one of the largest publishers in the field of healthcare management, we have titles for healthcare professionals at every stage of their career. Check them out today.

Lead the Way in Five Minutes a Day: Sparking High Performance in Yourself and Your Team

You can’t prepare for every situation, but you can be prepared to lead. When the next challenge arises, the right approach will help you rise to the occasion and guide your team to success.

This book skips the complex theories and jargon and gets right to practical solutions. You will learn how to develop skills that can be applied immediately to meet any challenge.

Eleven chapters cover real-life topics like communication, diversity and workplace culture. Each chapter begins with a self-assessment guide so you can identify relevant strengths to develop and address opportunities for growth. Throughout the book, you will find coaching tips to get the most from your team, reflection questions to help you explore fresh approaches to current situations and ideas for sharing strategies with colleagues to help them grow as leaders with you.

Preventing Burnout and Building Engagement in the Healthcare Workplace, Second Edition

Healthcare workers have been experiencing the ripple effects of increasing strain, staffing shortages and anxiety since early 2020. Undoubtedly, stress and burnout are making a substantial systemic, financial and human impact on healthcare organizations. This new edition addresses these concerns and offers ways to foster your employees’ engagement in their work.

The book describes how to identify common underlying stressors that lead to employee burnout, tactics for shifting the attention away from individuals and toward improving the stressful environment in which they work, and techniques for evaluating interventions. Healthcare leaders can use this practical guide to help their staff recover from burnout and regain a sense of passion for their work.

Addressing burnout is the right thing to do by the healthcare professionals you employ, work with and contract with. It also can dramatically benefit your organization in terms of better systemwide functioning and bottom-line performance.

The Patient’s Primary Care Experience: A Road Map to Powerful Partnerships

Consumer expectations, accreditation requirements and the rise of alternative payment models are driving the future of primary care delivery. Putting patients at the center of the healthcare practice is no longer an aspirational goal—it is rapidly becoming a requirement.

The Patient’s Primary Care Experience: A Road Map to Powerful Partnerships is a handbook for providing patient-centered care. The book focuses on the Patient-Centered Medical Home model, which emphasizes building relationships and enhancing communication. The authors begin by making the business case for the PCMH model and then dive into implementation tips and strategies.

Topics covered include partnering with patients in creating and achieving care goals; improving access through telemedicine, telehealth and shared medical appointments; preventing and mitigating staff burnout while promoting resilience; integrating patient and family perspectives into systems and processes; and enhancing both the patient and staff experience with healing design.

The tools, templates and advice in this practical guide have been tested and refined through the authors’ experience in primary care environments, and they can help your organization increase patient satisfaction and improve outcomes.