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Check out this month’s selections for our “What’s On Your Bookshelf?” series from Health Administration Press, the publishing division of the Foundation of the American College of Healthcare Executives. As one of the largest publishers in the field of healthcare management, there are titles for healthcare professionals at every stage of their career.

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Navigating the Healthcare Workforce Shortage: How to Safeguard Your Organization’s Most Important Asset

Healthcare organizations have been beset by a series of harrowing storms. Environmental, market and demographic conditions had already caused a significant workforce shortage when the COVID-19 pandemic added unprecedented challenges to the mix. Healthcare leaders cannot simply hope the storm will pass but must tackle these issues today.

Navigating the Healthcare Workforce Shortage provides simple, practical and proven strategies for healthcare leaders to address one of the biggest workforce shortages in recent history. The ideas and plans presented are built on real-life examples of organizations that have successfully overcome their workforce challenges.

Authors Tresha Moreland and Lori Wightman identify six key levers that healthcare leaders can use to address workforce shortages in their organization. The book delves deeply into the new problems posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the creativity needed to persevere through them.

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Take Charge of Your Healthcare Management Career: 50 Lessons That Drive Success

Success isn’t something a person is born with—it is carefully cultivated and mastered. When it works well, a job can fit like a glove and provide immense personal and professional satisfaction. Take Charge of Your Healthcare Management Career’s 50 succinct lessons will guide students as they begin their careers in healthcare management and help them achieve success and professional fulfillment—whatever their role. Each of the 50 lessons outlines traits, behaviors, and skills needed to maximize strengths, master career success and achieve the perfect job fit. Authors Kenneth White and J. Stephen Lindsey, in various academic and healthcare management roles, have provided career counseling for hundreds of students and early careerists. Each lesson concludes with helpful exercises that will prompt self-reflection and recommended resources for additional information.

Written in a conversational, friendly style, the 50 lessons broadly cover three major areas: managing yourself, managing your job, and taking charge of your career. The 50 lessons are filled with bulleted lists and quick tips and address specific topics to help readers find success.

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Transformative Planning: How Your Healthcare Organization Can Strategize for an Uncertain Future

Traditional strategic planning too often results in incremental change focused more on next year’s budget than on creative growth and sustainable development. Leadership teams struggle to “paint with two brushes”: building in transformative change while maintaining current operations.

To transcend existing systems and achieve their organization’s unique vision, healthcare leaders must embrace uncertainty and incorporate flexibility into their long-term planning. They must prepare for a range of potential futures—while maintaining current operations—because agility and adaptability are what will define future success.

Transformative Planning explains how leadership teams can lay the groundwork for new, transformational healthcare delivery models while simultaneously meeting the requirements of today. Author Jim Austin shares the essential frameworks, tools and processes for developing and implementing long-term strategic and execution plans that embrace uncertainty.