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Check out this month’s selections for our “What’s on Your Bookshelf?” series from Health Administration Press, the publishing division of the Foundation of the American College of Healthcare Executives. As one of the largest publishers in the field of healthcare management, we have titles for healthcare professionals at every stage of their career. 

Leading with Your Upper Brain: How to Create the Behaviors That Unlock Performance Excellence

Winner of the 2024 James A. Hamilton Award.

Leading with Your Upper Brain

Research shows that an individual leader’s behavior is the most important predictor of a team’s success. Leading with Your Upper Brain helps you understand why. More important, it provides an innovative framework that helps you shift your behavior in ways that help employees tap into their upper-brain resources for growth, development and higher cognitive function that drive higher levels of performance.

The authors use cutting-edge neuroscience research to illustrate how a positive connection with their leader builds trust, instills hope and otherwise affects team members’ brain function in a way that leads to overall team success. They share a modern, science-based approach to performance management and leadership development that fits any organization type or size. Each chapter offers key takeaways, tips, resources and thought-provoking questions that will help you put the principles into practice.

A few insights you’ll learn in Leading with Your Upper Brain include how neuroscience allows us to measure soft concepts like trust, engagement and happiness in real time; how upper-brain and lower-brain thinking affect performance outcomes; which leadership behaviors encourage higher-brain thinking and boost team engagement; and how to help team members discover meaning, value and purpose in their work.

The Human Margin: Building the Foundations of Trust

The Human Margin

The Human Margin interprets new research on what today’s healthcare workforce really wants, finding that trust in leadership is at the heart of everything. The authors unveil the 10 building blocks most closely linked to creating and sustaining that trust. They drill down on each one, explaining the science behind the conditions that leaders must establish and sharing easy-to-grasp tactics that help leaders get there.

Topics covered include why trust in leadership is pivotal for individual, team and organizational performance; why people really leave healthcare organizations; inexpensive ways to prevent burnout, increase motivation, strengthen relationships and decrease turnover; how to rewire vital leader relationship skills such as communication, recognition and team building; and how leaders can help improve employee well-being by spotting red flags, starting crucial conversations, directing people to the right resources and creating healthy work.

This science-backed leadership book integrates the latest workplace research with tactics proven to create high-performance environments where people can flourish. The Human Margin is a must-read for leaders at every level. It will shift your mindset on leading effectively in a world where so much has changed. And it will inspire you to start building a culture that today’s workforce craves and will move your team toward peak performance.

Futurescan 2024: Healthcare Trends and Implications

Futurescan 2024

This highly respected annual guide will help hospital and health system leaders prepare themselves and their organizations for what’s coming. Futurescan 2024 is an essential tool for strategic planning and presents articles highlighting the insights of thought leaders on eight key trends: workforce, care in the home, sustainability, population health, employer contracting, economics, Medicaid and responsible innovation.

The expert perspectives featured in this edition of Futurescan on the transformation of healthcare are supported by data from a survey of hospital and health system leaders from across the country.