Healthcare Books September

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By Alan T. Belasen, PhD, Jonathan Burroughs, MD, FACHE, Carson F. Dye, FACHE, Brett D. Lee, PhD, FACHE

Check out this month’s selections for our “What’s On Your Bookshelf?” series from Health Administration Press, the publishing division of the Foundation of the American College of Healthcare Executives. As one of the largest publishers in the field of healthcare management, there are titles for healthcare professionals at every stage of their career.

Dyad Leadership and Clinical Integration: Driving Change, Aligning Strategies

Alan Belasen

Sometimes, real leadership is about balance. This book breaks new ground in dyad leadership, giving you the tools you need now to establish and sustain exceptional partnerships between physicians and administrators.

You will learn practical strategies based on a proven integrated framework. With this method as a starting point, dyad leaders can group and differentiate roles and competencies to increase quality of care, cut costs and improve the patient experience.

The author synthesizes the expertise of academics, journalists and practitioners with assessments and concepts drawn from psychology, communications, organizational theory and management literature. The results are practical, ready-to-use surveys and data analysis techniques for assessing the sweet spots and weak spots of current and potential dyads and the institutions they lead.


The Healthcare Leader’s Guide to Actions, Awareness, and Perception, Third Edition

Carson DyeLee

As a leader in healthcare, you are highly visible and constantly watched. Perception is often more important than reality, and career success may ultimately hinge on your awareness of how you are perceived and your ability to act consistently in a manner befitting your position.

This book highlights the “sense of the appropriate,” an essential leadership trait that applies to behavior, character, courtesy, ethics, professionalism and respect. Leaders need a special skill set for building and maintaining positive relationships with a variety of individuals and groups, and they must be constantly aware of the risk of missteps and derailment.

Topics covered in this book include professional image and reputation; ethical decision-making; ethnic, gender and generational diversity; self-awareness; and derailment.

Effective leaders benefit from heightened self-awareness. Contribute to your own professional success by letting this book be a “mirror” to your leadership style and refine your executive etiquette.

Essential Operational Components for High-Performing Healthcare Enterprises

Jon Burroughs

The move toward value-based care is happening at an unprecedented rate and requires healthcare enterprises to build delivery models that focus on clinical and business outcomes, not on volume. This shift requires a new infrastructure that supports the digitization, standardization, commoditization and globalization of the healthcare industry.

This book highlights the operational building blocks necessary to engage, align and transform healthcare organizations into integrated delivery systems capable of delivering population healthcare outcomes in new ways. It defines the fundamental operational components for achieving success in a value-based world, including collaborative leadership, governance competencies, dynamic strategic planning and contracting, and rapidly evolving clinical and executive roles.