The Healthcare Leader’s Guide to Actions, Awareness, and Perception, Third Edition

Carson F. Dye, FACHE Brett D. Lee, PhD, FACHE

ISBN: 9781567937657
Softbound, 351pp, 2016
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Book Description

As a leader in healthcare, you are highly visible and constantly watched—often very closely. Perception is often more important than reality, and career success may ultimately hinge on your awareness of how you are perceived and your ability to act consistently in a manner befitting your position.

Now in its third edition, The Healthcare Leader’s Guide to Actions, Awareness, and Perception highlights the “sense of the appropriate”—an essential leadership trait that applies to behavior, character, courtesy, ethics, professionalism, and respect. Leaders need a special skill set for building and maintaining positive relationships with a variety of individuals and groups, and they must be constantly aware of the risk of missteps and derailment.

Leaders at every level—from newcomers to experienced executives—will find guidance in this book. It examines key leadership principles, illustrates core concepts with stories and examples, and sets forth a framework of protocols tailored to specific interactions and situations.

Topics covered in this book include:

  • Professional image and reputation
  • Ethical decision making
  • Relationships with the executive team, the governing board, and physicians
  • Communications, technology, and social media
  • Ethnic, gender, and generational diversity
  • Self-awareness and derailment

Effective leaders benefit from heightened self-awareness. They are conscious of their quirks and weaknesses, they seek constant and diverse feedback, and they grow through self-reflection. Contribute to your own professional success by letting this book be a “mirror” to your leadership style and refine your executive etiquette.