Exceptional Leadership: 16 Critical Competencies for Healthcare Executives, Second Edition

Carson F. Dye, FACHE Andrew N. Garman, PsyD

ISBN: 9781567936735
Softbound, 293pp, 2014
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Book Description

Instructor Resources: PowerPoint slides, teaching tips, and discussion questions with answer guides.

There are good leaders, then there are exceptional leaders. Exceptional leaders use competencies—a set of professional and personal skills, knowledge, values, and traits that guide a leader’s performance. In an era of change and uncertainty in healthcare, it is crucial that leaders learn not only how to be exceptional, but also what makes an exceptional leader. In this second edition of their best-selling book, the authors detail 16 competencies grouped in four cornerstone categories: Well-Cultivated Self-Awareness, Compelling Vision, A Real Way With People, and Masterful Execution. Each of the 16 competencies is explored in its own chapter to define the competency, provide examples and advice, and explain the common skill deficits that prevent its mastery.

New to this edition:

  • A feature case study at the beginning of the book and a supportive vignette within each competency chapter to provide practical and real-world application to each competency
  • Two minicases with discussion questions at the end of each competency chapter for further consideration and self-reflection
  • Six new chapters that demonstrate how to apply the book’s concepts at both the individual and organizational levels
  • A new chapter on physician leadership that incorporates findings from interviews with industry leaders and provides a helpful road map for those transitioning into the physician executive role

Through a clear and focused approach based on current research, this book provides a solid understanding of the tools needed by great leaders. Included in this book is a self-development plan and interview questions to apply the knowledge learned.