Leading Transformational Change: The Physician-Executive Partnership

Thomas A. Atchison, EdD Joseph S. Bujak, MD

ISBN: 9781567931617
Softbound, 197pp, 2001
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Book Description

This book explores how physicians and executives can collaborate to improve organization performance. By focusing on strategies for building trust, this book will help you create an environment of mutual respect and understanding that will lead to organizational success.

The authors address the differences between physicians and administrators, the reasons why collaboration efforts have failed in the past, and the importance of leadership style. The book presents a unique model for managing change that reconciles the business aspects of healthcare with the values at the heart of medicine.

You will learn:
  • How to avoid the barriers to successful change
  • What values drive physicians and executives
  • How perception can affect change
  • What tactics leaders can use to inspire cooperation
  • How to measure both the business and mission-related data
  • The role of leadership in change management