Janet (Dombrowski) Pinkerton


Photo of Janet (Dombrowski) Pinkerton
JCD Advisors, LLC


Janet Pinkerton Dombrowski spent nearly 20 years as a senior strategy leader in various consulting organizations and large health systems, after an early career in healthcare delivery and operations. She built her personal credibility as a trusted advisor to many executives with intuition, integrative thinking and a direct approach. Over time, she chose to build on her skills at creating synergy and ensuring alignment in projects and processes.

She founded JCD Advisors in 2008 with a vision to help clients harness the power of change and direct it toward learning, innovation and growth. For nearly 15 years, Ms. Dombrowski and her team of senior coaches have focused exclusively on the healthcare industry, supporting C-suite executives, senior executives and physician leaders in becoming more intentional about their leadership presence, the creation of highly functioning teams and the importance of alignment in strategy, structure and culture for optimal organization effectiveness. They have broad experience working across a variety of healthcare settings including academic medical centers, national faith-based health systems, regional integrated delivery systems, community hospitals and health centers. They also have experience in higher education and nonprofit social service organizations.

Ms. Dombrowski received her Master of Health Services Administration from the University of Michigan, where she is an emeritus member of the Alumni Board and an adjunct faculty member. She also received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Michigan.