Sara Marberry


Executive Vice President/COO
The Center for Health Design


Sara O. Marberry is president of Sara Marberry Communications, a consulting firm in Evanston, Illinois, that provides writing, editing, and marketing services for the healthcare and design industry. She has worked as a consultant to the Symposium on Healthcare Design/The Center for Health Design since 1990 and is currently The Center’s director of communications. Ms. Marberry is a former editor of Contract magazine and was also a communications coordinator for the world’s largest design center, the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. She is the editor of Volumes III to X of the Journal of Healthcare Design, author of Color in the Office: Design Trends from 1950–1990 and Beyond, coauthor of The Power of Color: Creating Healthy Interior Spaces, editor of Innovations in Healthcare: Selected Presentations from the First Five Symposia on Healthcare Design, and editor of Healthcare Design: An Introduction.

About the Center for Health Design:

Founded in 1993, The Center for Health Design is a not-for-profit research and advocacy organization based in Concord, California. Its mission is to transform healthcare settings into healing environments that improve outcomes through the creative use of evidence-based design. The main areas of The Center’s focus are research, education, environmental standards, and technical assistance. The Center is committed to sharing the evidence-based knowledge gained through its Pebble Project field-study research initiative.