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CHICAGO, February 17, 2003—Healthcare Executives of Okinawa, Japan, will receive the American College of Healthcare Executives 2003 Affiliated Group Award.

The group will receive the award and a $1,000 cash prize on March 19, 2003, at the Wednesday Keynote Address during ACHE's 46th Congress on Healthcare Management at the Hilton Chicago.

ACHE established the award in 1993 to recognize outstanding contributions to ACHE and the healthcare field by ACHE's officially designated healthcare executive groups and women's healthcare executive networks. Affiliated groups are evaluated on their innovative approaches to serving members, the quality of programs offered to members, and their promotion of ACHE membership and advancement.

Founded in 1986, Healthcare Executives of Okinawa serves U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and civilian healthcare executives in the Western Pacific. The group offers frequent membership and educational programs, including monthly lecture sessions that have focused on topics such as customer service, healthcare leadership, and global issues in healthcare. HEO also offers an annual On-Location Program, a two-day educational seminar presented by an ACHE faculty member. In 2002, the group added a student scholarship award program and a bimonthly membership newsletter to its membership benefits.

HEO has promoted ACHE membership through several successful membership drives and luncheons at other healthcare associations in Japan, as well as providing information about ACHE membership benefits and requirements at the group's monthly meetings. HEO facilitated a study group to help ACHE Members prepare to advance to Diplomate, and expanded its resource library that provides reference materials to candidates preparing for ACHE's Board of Governors exam. In addition, the group has recently developed a mentorship program to further assist ACHE Members advancing to Diplomate.

Healthcare Executives of Okinawa was selected by ACHE's Awards and Testimonials Committee from affiliated groups nominated by ACHE's Regents-at-Large. The other nominated groups include: ACHE - Greater Houston Chapter, Inc.; East Tennessee Healthcare Executives Association, Knoxville; Maryland Association of Health Care Executives, Baltimore; Metropolitan Health Administrators' Association, New York; MidAmerica Healthcare Executives, Belleville, IL; Society of Professionals in Healthcare, Walnut Creek, CA; and South Florida Healthcare Executive Forum, Inc., Hollywood.

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