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White Papers

The Division of Member Services periodically produces White Papers for CEO Circle members. Here is a chronological list of these papers.

Do Strategies That Organizations Use to Promote Gender Diversity Make A Difference? (PDF) - 2013

Chief Executive Employment Contracts and Performance Evaluations (PDF) - 2012

Improving Leadership Stability in Healthcare Organizations (PDF) - 2011

Enhancing the CEO-CNO Bond Through Mentoring (PDF) - 2010

What CEOs Need to Know About Race Relations in Their Organizations (PDF) - Summer 2009

CEOs' Attitudes About Contracts for Themselves and Their Management Team Members (PDF) - Summer 2008

Executive Employment Contracts and Performance Evaluations (PDF) - 2007

Do Strategies that Organizations Use to Manage Diversity Make a Difference? (PDF) - February 2007

The Paradox of Hospital CEO Succession Planning (PDF) - January 2006

Building Diversity Competence: Ideas for Your Healthcare Organization (PDF) - January 2004

A Comparison of the Career Attainments of Men and Women Healthcare Executives (PDF) - February 2002

What CEOs Can Do to Improve Their Organization's Race/Ethnic Diversity (PDF) - December 1998

Closing the Gender Gap in Healthcare Management (PDF) - January 1997

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please visit the Adobe website to download a free copy.