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Education Designed with YOU in Mind

Learn where YOU like to learn!
Self-Study courses are portable-take them with you on planes and trains, or learn comfortably at your home or office.

Earn ACHE Qualified Education credits when YOU need them!
Self-Study courses are ready for you any time-no waiting for the next seminar, audioconference, or Internet class.

Resources YOU can keep!
The books and booklets needed for Self-Study courses are yours to keep as valuable references.

4 Easy Steps For Completing A Course

Benefits of the Self Study Program

Courses Offered

Completing the course and earning credits is easy:

  1. PURCHASE a Self-Study course and the corresponding book.
  2. READ the material.
  3. ANSWER the self-graded questions.
  4. MAIL or FAX your completed forms and self-graded test.

The program includes courses on timely topics as well as healthcare management fundamentals. Complete as many courses as you'd like, in whatever order you'd like, on any topics you'd like. You need not complete all the courses in a particular subject area. Courses must be completed within two years of the date of purchase. Some courses use the same book but require reading from different chapters. Each Self-Study course costs $325 for ACHE affiliates, $405 for nonaffiliates, (shipping not included) and each accompanying book is 20 percent off the original price. You may purchase courses and their accompanying books either online through the links below, by calling (301) 362-6905 or by clicking here to complete an order form that you can either fax or mail in.

  Each Self-Study course is contained in a booklet that provides an overview of the course topic, readings, a self-graded test, and a completion form. The booklet will also provide directions for more detailed reading in the corresponding book. The book you need to complete each course is listed on this web page. Questions or comments about the content may be directed to the author; the author’s information is included in each course. All other questions or comments may be directed to Amanda Bove, Self-Study Program Editor, at (312) 424-9483 or at e-mail


  The self-graded test is contained in the Self-Study course booklet. The questions will assess your knowledge of the material covered in the course.

4.Mail or Fax

  A certificate of completion and an ACHE education status letter will be mailed to you shortly after your completion form, evaluation form, and answers are received. Fax the three forms and answers to: (312) 424-0014, or mail to: Amanda Bove, Self-Study Program Editor, ACHE, HAP, One North Franklin Street, Suite 1700, Chicago, IL 60606-3529. A certificate of completion and a status letter that details your earned credit hours will be mailed to you two weeks after completion forms and answers are received.

Benefits of the Self-Study Program

Through the Self-Study Program...

  • you can earn 6 ACHE Qualified Education credit hours per course which can be applied toward advancement or recertification;
  • you receive expert instruction and assistance from authors who are leading administrators and professors;
  • you read pertinent articles by published specialists; and
  • you save time and money associated with out-of-town programs.

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Leading Change and Promoting Learning Course Breaking Down Barriers: Collaborating with Clinical Staff course
Leading with Meaning: Tapping the Deeper Dimensions course Extending the Boundaries of Human Resources Management course
Thinking Forward: Applying CHI's Model for Success course
Healthcare Human Resources series Defining and Applying Metrics for Healthcare Human Resources course
How to Improve Your Competitive Strategy course Finding and Keeping Talent at the Executive Level course

The Impact of Consumer-Directed Healthcare on Orgainzational Strategy course

Healthcare Finance series

Managed Care Contracting series

Healthcare Strategic Planning course
Managing Reputation: Strategy and Branding by Word of Mouth course How to Revitalize Your Medical Staff Organization course
Preparing a Long-Range Facility Investment Strategy course Learning to Lead course
Strategies for Improving Community Health course Medication Safety and Cost Recovery course
The Role of Communication in Patient Safety course



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