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Followership: Increasing Trust, Respect, and Pride course
Order No.: 2026

This course is based on the idea that followers define leadership. What do your followers want? Can you align your followers to the mission and vision of your organization? Can you get them to follow you? The key to this self-study course, and in your leadership role, is understanding the behavioral dynamics between leaders and followers.

In this course:

  • Learn to enhance your skills in aligning followers using leadership-followership concepts such as motivation and trust
  • Learn basic human relations concepts that are at work in high-performing organizations
  • Assess your understanding of the material through questions that provide you with instant feedback

Corresponding book: Followership: A Practical Guide to Aligning Leaders and Followers, by Thomas A. Atchison, EdD Order number: 2004


Prices: Affiliates-$325 per course; nonaffiliates-$405 per course. The corresponding book is 20% off when purchased with a course. Postage and handling fee will be added.

About the author: Thomas A. Atchison, EdD, is president and founder of The Atchison Consulting Group, Inc. Since 1984, Dr. Atchison has consulted with healthcare organizations on managed change programs, team building, and leadership development.

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