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CHICAGO, February 14, 2005—Fred Lee is the winner of the American College of Healthcare Executives 2005 James A. Hamilton book of the year award for If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9-1/2 Things You Would Do Differently.

The award will be presented on March 15, 2005, at the Tuesday Hot Topic Session #1 during the American College of Healthcare Executives 48th Congress on Healthcare Management at the Hilton Chicago.

The award is given annually to the author(s) of a management or healthcare book judged outstanding by ACHE’s Book of the Year Committee.

The James A. Hamilton Award is underwritten by the Alumni Association of the Graduate Program in Healthcare Administration of the University of Minnesota, MN, in honor of the late James A. Hamilton, FACHE, the program’s founder and course director between 1946 and 1966, and ACHE’s 1939-1940 Chairman.

Lee was recruited by Disney University after considerable success in helping hospitals achieve a culture that inspires patient and employee loyalty. In If Disney Ran Your Hospital, Lee focuses on the similarities between Disney and hospitals—both provide an “experience,” not just a service. He shows how hospitals can emulate the strategies that earn Disney the trust and loyalty of their guests and employees. Lee explains why standard service excellence initiatives in healthcare have not led to high patient satisfaction and loyalty and provides 9-1/2 principles that will help hospitals gain the competitive advantage that comes from being seen as “the best” by their employees, consumers, and the community. Using examples from his work with Disney and as a senior-level hospital executive, Lee challenges the assumptions that have defined customer service in healthcare and distills his experiences into practical steps that hospital leadership teams can take to create a new culture.

Lee is president of Fred Lee & Associates, Inc., in Altamonte Springs, FL, and a former senior vice president at Florida Hospital, Orlando. If Disney Ran Your Hospital is published by Second River Healthcare Press.

The Book of the Year Committee recommends two additional books: Digital Medicine: Implications for Healthcare Leaders, by Jeff Goldsmith, Ph.D., and Followership: A Practical Guide to Aligning Leaders and Followers, by Thomas A. Atchison, EdD Both books are published by Health Administration Press.

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