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CHICAGO, February 14, 2005—Lee Revere, Ph.D., and Ken Black, Ph.D., are the winners of the American College of Healthcare Executives 2005 Edgar C. Hayhow Award for their article “Integrating Six Sigma with Total Quality Management: A Case Example for Measuring Medication Errors.” The article appeared in the November/December 2003 issue of the Journal of Healthcare Management.

The award will be presented on March 16, 2005, at the Wednesday Hot Topic Session #2 during the American College of Healthcare Executives 48th Congress on Healthcare Management at the Hilton Chicago.

ACHE grants the Hayhow Award annually to the author(s) of an article judged the best from among those published in the Journal of Healthcare Management, ACHE’s official journal.

Named in honor of ACHE’s 14th Chairman, the Edgar C. Hayhow Award recognizes outstanding contributions to healthcare management literature. The article was selected by ACHE’s Article of the Year Awards Committee.

In their article, Revere and Black demonstrate the unique application of Six Sigma—a management philosophy that seeks a nonexistent error rate—to the healthcare management field. They point out that while Six Sigma requires investment of significant time and resources for other organizations, healthcare organizations can easily “piggyback” Six Sigma onto their current total quality management efforts. Revere and Black highlight several healthcare organizations that have successfully implemented Six Sigma and identify how these organizations integrated Six Sigma with existing quality management programs. Finally, Revere and Black present a framework for including Six Sigma in an organization’s total quality management plan; they provide a concrete example of how this is done using medication errors. They conclude that the application of Six Sigma makes TQM efforts more successful.

Revere is assistant professor and Black is professor of Decision Sciences in the School of Business and Public Administration at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, TX.

The Article of the Year Awards Committee recommends two additional articles: “The Roles of Senior Management in Quality Improvement Efforts: What Are the Key Components?” by Elizabeth H. Bradley et al., and “The Long-Term Costs of Career Interruptions,” by Patricia G. Ketsche and Lisette Branscomb. Both articles were published in the January/February 2003 issue of the Journal of Healthcare Management.

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