NAB Credit for ACHE Educational Programs

ACHE recognizes the need to support the continuing education needs of our members and has long provided credit for our Members and Fellows working in long-term care. We are a registered sponsor of professional continuing education with The National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB).

In November 2009, there were major changes in both the cost and the process of providing approved continuing education credit through NAB. Largely due to the huge commitment of staff time to comply with these new procedures, ACHE can no longer secure pre-approval for all of our courses.

However, ACHE is committed to providing educational opportunities for the Long Term Care (LTC) community. With the assistance of a new committee composed of individuals who are both ACHE Fellows and NAB members, the following face-to-face seminars were selected as being the most relevant to LTC professionals. This process will be repeated each year.

Only the following ACHE Seminars have been approved for NAB credit through June 2015.

Two day seminars

  1. Achieving a Strategic Partnership With Your Board: Thrive in the Midst of Accountability
  2. Advanced Strategic Planning to Transform Your Organization
  3. Beyond the Silver Bullet: Ensuring Patient and Employee Satisfaction
  4. Compelling Communication: Creating Engagement, Understanding and Results
  5. Comprehensive Leadership for Senior-Level Executives
  6. Driving Out Waste in Your Healthcare Organization
  7. Effective Approaches in Leading Patient Safety and Error Reduction
  8. From Roots to Wings: 12 Variables for Sustaining Organizational Success
  9. Growth in the Reform Era
  10. Journey to Excellence: How High-Performing Healthcare Leaders Achieve Organizational Distinction
  11. Leadership Persuasion Skills: Getting the Results You Want
  12. Leading for Success: Creating a Committed Workforce
  13. Living on Medicare Rates: A Senior Leader Margin Improvement Planning Program
  14. Process and Technique of Negotiating
  15. Strategic Planning: From Formulation to Action
  16. The Courage to Lead: Critical Skills for Healthcare Leaders

Congress and Special Programs

  1. Congress on Healthcare Leadership
  2. Fund for Education programs
  3. Senior Executive Program
  4. Executive Program

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