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Breaking Down Barriers: Collaborating with Clinical Staff course
Order code: 2079

Move past the differences that can stand in the way of teamwork. Use the strategies in this course to improve collaboration between physicians, nurses, and administrators

Learn how to:

  • Encourage physician participation in setting clinical priorities
  • Use constructive conflict to open the lines of communication
  • Maintain the loyalty of outpatient physicians
  • Optimize the contributions of hospitalists

Book needed to complete this course: Collaborate for Success: Breakthrough Strategies for Engaging Physicians, Nurses, and Hospital Executives, by Kenneth H. Cohn, M.D., FACS. (Order No. 2067)


Prices: Affiliates-$325 per course; non affiliates-$405 per course. The corresponding book is 20% off when purchased with a course. Postage and handling fee will be added.

About the author: Kenneth H. Cohn, M.D., M.B.A., FACS, is a board-certified general surgeon currently splitting his time between providing locum tenens surgical coverage in New Hampshire and Vermont and working as a consultant at Cambridge Management Group, which specializes in physician-physician and physician-administrator communication issues.


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