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Healthcare Human Resources series

Two courses that will help you manage your staff.


Select the check box(es) below to add a course/ book to your shopping cart. Then press the shopping cart icon at the bottom of the page to continue the ordering process. You need a copy of the corresponding book to complete either of the courses in this series.

  1. Extending the Boundaries of Human Resources Management course
    Order No.: 2071
    Does your performance appraisals measure behaviors that are critical to your organization's success? Does your compensation system reward those behaviors that can improve your organization's competitive advantage? This course explains how to align human resources practices with the mission and strategies specific to your organization. It describes a collaborative and tactical approach to human resources that can help organizations leverage employee skills and talents.
  2. Defining and Applying Metrics for Healthcare Human Resources course
    Order No.: 2072
    This course will help you measure how human resources initiatives contribute to the business goals of your organization. Learn metrics for measuring individual and group performance, as well as metrics for determining the value of human resources processes - including recruitment, training, performance management and compensation.

Book needed to complete either course in this series: Human Resources in Healthcare: Managing for Success, Second Edition, edited by Bruce J. Fried, Ph.D.; Myron D. Fottler, Ph.D.; and James A. Johnson, Ph.D. (Order No. 2046)

Prices: Affiliates$325 per course; nonaffiliates$405 per course. The corresponding book is 20% off when purchased with a course. Postage and handling fees will be added.

About the author: Bruce J. Fried, Ph.D., is associate professor and director of the residential master’s degree program in the Department of Health Policy and Administration in the School of Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His publications include more than 100 journal articles and 14 books.

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