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10 More Powerful Ideas for Improving Patient Care, Book 2
10 Powerful Ideas for Improving Patient Care
10 Powerful Ideas for Improving Patient Care, Book 3


A New Compact: Aligning Physician–Organization Expectations to Transform Patient Care
Accelerating Leadership Development in Yourself and Your Organization
Accountable Care Organizations: Your Guide to Strategy, Design, and Implementation
ACHE Board of Governors Exam Study Set
Achieving Safe and Reliable Healthcare: Strategies and Solutions
Achieving Service Excellence: Strategies for Healthcare, Second Edition
Achieving Success Through Community Leadership
Achieving the Group Practice Advantage
Advancing the CEO's Role in Healthcare Philanthropy
Allies or Adversaries: Revitalizing the Medical Staff Organization
Anticipate, Respond, Recover: Healthcare Leadership and Catastrophic Events
Applying Quality Management in Healthcare: A Systems Approach, Third Edition
Articles of Healthcare Leadership Commemorative Painting


Best Care, Best Future: A Guide for Healthcare Leaders
Best Care, Best Future: A Guide for Healthcare Leaders paperback
Best Practice Financial Management: Six Key Concepts for Healthcare Leaders, Third Edition
Better Communication for Better Care: Mastering Physician-Administrator Collaboration
Breaking Down Barriers: Collaborating with Clinical Staff course
Building and Maintaining Referral Relationships course
Building Clinical Systems That Produce Excellent Outcomes
Building the Foundation for Healthcare Reform


Capital Projects and Healthcare Reform Navigating Design and Delivery in an Era of Disruption
Careers in Healthcare Management: How to Find Your Path and Follow It
Cases in Healthcare Finance, Fifth Edition
Cases in Healthcare Finance, Fourth Edition
CEO-CIO Partnership: Harnessing the Value of Information Technology in Healthcare
Collaborate for Success! Breakthrough Strategies for Engaging Physicians, Nurses, and Hospital Executives
Coming of Age: The 75-Year History of the American College of Healthcare Executives
Connect, Communicate, Collaborate: Exploring New Media
Consumer-Centric Healthcare: Opportunities and Challenges for Providers
Consumer-Directed Healthcare and Its Implications for Providers
Contemporary Issues in Healthcare Law and Ethics, Fourth Edition
Contracting in a Managed Care Environment: Market-Based Approaches
Coordinated Care: Improving Clinical and Financial Performance
Creating a Leadership Development Program in Your Healthcare Organization course
Creating Readiness for Change: Preparing Physicians and Administrators for Collaboration
Creating Sustainable Physician-Hospital Strategies
Creating the Hospital Group Practice: The Advantages of Employing or Affiliating with Physicians


Decision Analysis for Healthcare Managers
Decision Making for Improved Performance
Developing Physician Leaders for Successful Clinical Integration
Dimensions of Long-Term Care Management: An Introduction
Dunn & Haimann's Healthcare Management, Tenth Edition
Dunn and Haimann's Healthcare Management, Ninth Edition


Economics for Healthcare Managers, Second Edition
Economics for Healthcare Managers, Third Edition
Economics of Health Reconsidered, Fourth Edition
Economics of Health Reconsidered, Third Edition
Effective Strategy Execution
Electronic Health Records: Strategies for Long-Term Success
Emerging Healthcare Leader A Field Guide
Employment Contracts for Healthcare Executives: Rationale, Trends, and Samples, Fifth Edition
Essential Techniques for Healthcare Managers
Essentials of Strategic Planning in Healthcare
Evaluating the Healthcare System Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Equity, Fourth Edition
Evaluating the Performance of the Hospital CEO, Third Edition
Evidence-Based Management in Healthcare
Exceptional Leadership 16 Critical Competencies for Healthcare Executives, Second Edition
Executive's Guide to Electronic Health Records
Explorations in Quality Assessment and Monitoring: The Definition of Quality and Approaches to Its Assessment


Fewer, but Tighter, Payer Relationships Expected to Underpin Integrated Health Systems Strategies in the Future 58:6
Financial Strategy for Managed Care Organizations: Rate Setting, Risk Adjustment, and Competitive Advantage
Finding and Keeping Talent at the Executive Level course
Followership: A Practical Guide to Aligning Leaders and Followers
Followership: Increasing Trust, Respect, and Pride course
Fundamentals of Healthcare Finance, Second Edition
Fundamentals of Human Resources in Healthcare
Fundamentals of Physician Practice Management
Future of Healthcare: Global Trends Worth Watching
Futurescan 2010 Healthcare Trends and Implications 2010-2015
Futurescan 2013: Healthcare Trends and Implications 2013-2018
Futurescan 2013: Healthcare Trends and Implications 2013-2018 (Package of 15 Copies)
Futurescan 2014: Healthcare Trends and Implications 2014-2019
Futurescan 2014: Healthcare Trends and Implications 2014-2019 (Package of 15)
Futurescan 2015 Healthcare Trends and Implications 2015-2020
Futurescan 2015 Healthcare Trends and Implications 2015-2020 (Package of 15)


Getting It Done: Experienced Healthcare Leaders Reveal Field-Tested Strategies for Clinical and Financial Success
Going Lean: Busting Barriers to Patient Flow
Growing Leaders in Healthcare: Lessons from the Corporate World
Guide to Establishing a Regional Health Information Organization
Guide to Healthcare Reform: Readings and Commentary
Health Informatics A Systems Perspective
Health Insurance, Second Edition
Health Policy Issues: An Economic Perspective, Fifth Edition
Health Policy Issues: An Economic Perspective, Sixth Edition
Health Policymaking in the United States, Fifth Edition
Health Policymaking in the United States, Sixth Edition
Health Services Management Cases, Readings, and Commentary, Tenth Edition
Healthcare C-Suite: Leadership Development at the Top
Healthcare Executive Compensation: A Guide for Leaders and Trustees
Healthcare Executive Magazine: The Magazine for Healthcare Leaders
Healthcare Executive’s Guide to Allocating Capital
Healthcare Facility Planning: Thinking Strategically
Healthcare Finance: An Introduction to Accounting and Financial Management, Fifth Edition
Healthcare Governance: A Guide for Effective Boards, Second Edition
Healthcare Leader Library Collection
Healthcare Leadership Excellence: Creating a Career of Impact
Healthcare Leadership That Makes a Difference: Creating Your Legacy
Healthcare Marketing: A Case Study Approach
Healthcare Operations Management, Second Edition
Healthcare Philanthropy: Advance Charitable Giving to Your Organization’s Mission
Healthcare Quality Book: Vision, Strategy and Tools, Third Edition
Healthcare Strategic Planning, Third Edition
Healthcare Strategy: In Pursuit of Competitive Advantage
Healthcare Transformation Book Set by Kenneth Cohn
Healthcare Workforce Management in the New Economy
HFMA's Introduction to Hospital Accounting, Fifth Edition
Hospitalists: A Guide to Building and Sustaining a Successful Program
Hospitals and Community Benefit: New Demands, New Approaches
How Pricing Decisions and Budgeting Can Make a Difference Course
How to Revitalize Your Medical Staff Organization course
Human Resources in Healthcare Managing for Success, Fourth Edition
Human Resources in Healthcare: Managing for Success, Third Edition


If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9 1/2 Things You Would Do Differently
Impact of Consumer-Directed Healthcare on Organizational Strategy course
Improve the Experience of Care in Your Emergency Department
Improve Your Competitive Strategy: A Guide for the Healthcare Executive
Improving Healthcare with Better Building Design
Influential Leadership: Change Your Behavior, Change Your Organization, Change Health Care
Information Systems for Healthcare Management, Eighth Edition
Innovator's Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care
Inside the Physician Mind: Finding Common Ground with Doctors
Inspired to Change: Improving Patient Care One Story at a Time
Integrating Global Trends into Your Organization's Strategic Planning
Introduction to Health Policy
Introduction to Healthcare Quality Management, Second Edition
Introduction to the Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations, Fifth Edition
Introduction to the Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations, Sixth Edition


Launching a Capital Facility Project: A Guide for Healthcare Leaders, Second Edition
Law and Patient Confidentiality: A Common-Sense Guide to HIPAA and Beyond
Law and Public's Health, Seventh Edition
Law of Healthcare Administration, Seventh Edition
Law of Healthcare Administration, Sixth Edition
Leadership During Challenging Times: Essential Values and Skills
Leadership for Great Customer Service: Satisfied Employees, Satisfied Patients, Second Edition
Leadership for Smooth Patient Flow: Improved Outcomes, Improved Service, Improved Bottom Line
Leadership in Healthcare: Essential Values and Skills, Second Edition
Leadership's Deeper Dimensions: Building Blocks to Superior Performance
Leading a Hospital Turnaround A Practical Guide
Leading a Patient-Safe Organization
Leading Healthcare Cultures: How Human Capital Drives Financial Performance
Leading Others, Managing Yourself
Leading Transformational Change: The Physician-Executive Partnership
Leading with Meaning: Tapping the Deeper Dimensions course
Leading Your Healthcare Organization Through a Merger or Acquisition
Lean Done Right: Achieve and Maintain Reform in Your Healthcare Organization
Learning to Lead course


Make It Happen: Effective Execution in Healthcare Leadership
Making Better Capital Investment Decisions Course
Management of Healthcare Organizations An Introduction, Second Edition
Management of Healthcare Organizations: An Introduction
Managerial Epidemiology Cases and Concepts, Third Edition
Managerial Epidemiology: Concepts and Cases, Second Edition
Managerial Ethics in Healthcare: A New Perspective
Managing Healthcare Ethically: An Executive's Guide, Second Edition
Managing Long-Term Care
Managing Stress and Preventing Burnout in the Healthcare Workplace
Managing Word of Mouth for Leadership Success: Connecting Healthcare Strategy and Reputation
Marketing Health Services, Second Edition
Marketing Health Services, Third Edition
Marketing Matters: A Guide for Healthcare Executives
Marketing Your Healthcare Organization course
Mastering the Negotiation Process: A Practical Guide for the Healthcare Executive
Medication Safety and Cost Recovery: A Four-Step Approach for Executives
Middleboro Casebook: Healthcare Strategy and Operations


New Hospital-Physician Enterprise: Meeting Challenges of Value-Based Care
New Leader Collection
Next Generation Physician-Health System Partnerships


Optimize Your Healthcare Supply Chain Performance: A Strategic Approach


Partnership of Equals: Practical Strategies for Healthcare CEOs and Their Boards
Patient Satisfaction: Understanding and Managing the Experience of Care, Second Edition
Politics of Health Legislation: An Economic Perspective, Third Edition
Population Health Management: Strategies to Improve Outcomes
Power of Clinical and Financial Metrics: Achieving Success in Your Hospital
Practical Board Strategies for CEOs course
Preparing a Long-Range Facility Investment Strategy course
Primary Care-Market Share Connection: How Hospitals Achieve Competitive Advantage


Reaching Excellence in Healthcare Management
Readmission Prevention: Solutions Across the Provider Continuum
Redesign the Medical Staff Model: A Guide to Collaborative Change
Reducing Burnout by Developing a Participative Culture
Reinventing the Patient Experience: Strategies for Hospital Leaders
Rekindling the Flame: Achieving Success Through Community Leadership Discussion Video
Responding to Healthcare Reform: A Strategy Guide for Healthcare Leaders
Retaining Employees and Building Commitment
Risk Adjustment for Measuring Health Care Outcomes, Fourth Edition
Risk Management and the Emergency Department: Executive Leadership for Protecting Patients and Hospitals
Role of Communication in Patient Safety course
Rx for the Nursing Shortage: A Guidebook


Separately Together: A New Path to Healthy Hospital-Physician Relations
Six Sigma Book for Healthcare: Improving Outcomes by Reducing Errors
Social Media in Healthcare Connect, Communicate, Collaborate, Second Edition
Social Media in Healthcare: Connect, Communicate, Collaborate
Strategic Cost Reduction: Leading Your Hospital to Success
Strategic Healthcare Management: Planning and Execution
Strategies for Improving Community Health course
Successful Healthcare Strategic Planning: Approaches to Address Key Challenges


Take Charge of Your Healthcare Management Career: 50 Lessons That Drive Success
Terrorism and Disaster Management: Preparing Healthcare Leaders for the New Reality
Thinking Forward: Applying CHI's Model for Success course
Thinking Forward: Six Strategies for Highly Successful Organizations
Tools and Techniques for Physician Engagement
Toyota Way to Healthcare Excellence: Increase Efficiency and Improve Quality with Lean
Tracks We Leave: Ethics and Management Dilemmas in Healthcare, Second Edition
Trust Prescription for Healthcare: Building Your Reputation With Consumers
Tyler's Guide: The Healthcare Executive's Job Search, Fourth Edition


Understanding and Influencing Physician Behavior course
Understanding Financial Statements Course
Understanding Healthcare Financial Management, Seventh Edition
Understanding Healthcare Financial Management, Sixth Edition
Understanding the Impact of Financing Decisions Course
Understanding the U.S. Health Services System, Fourth Edition
Using Profit Analysis and Cost Allocation to Improve Financial Performance Course


Well-Managed Healthcare Organization, Eighth Edition
Well-Managed Healthcare Organization, Seventh Edition
What Top-Performing Healthcare Organizations Know: 7 Proven Steps for Accelerating and Achieving Change
Why Hospital Improvement Efforts Fail: A View From the Front Line JHM 59:2
Why Hospitals Should Fly: The Ultimate Flight Plan to Patient Safety and Quality Care
Winning the Talent War: Ensuring Effective Leadership in Healthcare
Working Together While Maintaining Distinctiveness: Healthy Administrator-Physician Relations
World Health Systems: Challenges and Perspectives, Second Edition
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