Research & Resources

Research Studies

  • CEO Surveys. This is a listing of Hospital CEO surveys that ACHE regularly conducts to get a better understanding of current challenges U.S. hospitals are facing and how they are addressing them. These results are published in Healthcare Executive magazine.
  • Hospital Studies. This includes research ACHE has conducted about hospitals, including results from the annual Top Issues Confronting Hospitals survey.
  • CEO Studies. This includes results of ACHE studies about the CEO role, including succession planning and CEO/CNO relations.
  • Gender and Race/Ethnicity Studies. ACHE conducts recurring studies examining career attainments in healthcare management by gender and race/ethnicity. This page includes a list of these papers with brief descriptions, executive summaries and full text.
  • Special Topics. This includes ACHE reports on special topics such as executives transitioning from the military into civilian healthcare management positions.