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Adverse Drug Events in the Elderly Population Admitted to a Tertiary Care Hospital Nahid Azad, Michael Tierny, GaryVictor, and Parul Kumar  JHM 47:5
Comparing Clinical Resources and Outcomes to Understand Best Practices Alan E. Cudney, Jack Cox, and Kathleen Baugh  JHM 47:5
Interview with Joseph A. Zaccagnino Kyle L. Grazier, PhD  JHM 47:5
Organizational Design Consistency: The PennCare and Henry Ford Health System Experiences Nicole L. Dubbs  JHM 47:5
Retaining Our Workforce, Regaining Our Potential Steven M. Barney, FACHE  JHM 47:5
The Effect of Governing Board Composition on Rural Hospitals' Involvement in Provider-Sponsored Managed Care Organizations Shadi S. Saleh, Thomas Vaughn, and James E. Rohrer  JHM 47:5