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A Profile of Hospital Acquisitions Jeffrey P. Harrison, Michael J. McCue, and Bill B. Wang  JHM 48:3
Building Job Security: Strategies for Becoming a Highly Valued Contributor Mike Broscio and Jay Scherer  JHM 48:3
Interview with David L. Bernd, FACHE Kyle L. Grazier, PhD  JHM 48:3
Organizational Downsizing: A Review of Literature for Planning and Research Jullet A. Davis, Grant Savage, and R. Thomas Stewart  JHM 48:3
Physicians and Hospital managers as Co fiduciaries of Patients: Rhetoric or Reality? Frank A. Chervenak and Laurence B. McCullough  JHM 48:3
The Value of Market Research Howard J. Gershon and William C. Jackson  JHM 48:3