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Building an Understanding of the Competencies Needed for Health Administration Practice Richard M. Shewchuk, Ph.D.; Stephen J. O'Connor, Ph.D., FACHE; and David J. Fine, FACHE  JHM 50:1
Interview with Mary Stefl, Ph.D. Kyle L. Grazier, PhD  JHM 50:1
Lessons Learned: Seven Keys to a Successful Replacement Hospital Project James E. Hosking, FACHE, FAAHC, LFHIMSS  JHM 50:1
Marketing Telehealth to Align with Strategy Kathryn H. Dansky, Ph.D., and Jeffrey Ajello  JHM 50:1
Overview of Investment and Financing Trends in the Hospital Industry William O. Cleverley, Ph.D., and James O. Cleverley  JHM 50:1
Predicting the Effect of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Job Satisfaction Factors on Recruitment and Retention of Rehabilitation Professionals Diane Smith Randolph, Ph.D.  JHM 50:1
Teams as the Key to Organizational Communication Paul Preston, Ph.D.  JHM 50:1
The Five Stages of Physician Reaction to Change Barbara LeTourneau, M.D., MBA,  JHM 50:1