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Interview with Ronald G. Spaeth, FACHE Kyle L. Grazier, PhD  JHM 50:3
Proxemics in Clinical and Administrative Settings Paul Preston, PhD  JHM 50:3
The Financial Performance of Integrated Health Organizations Lawton R. Burns, Ph.D., MBA; Gilbert Fimm, MBA; and Sean Nicholson  JHM 50:3
The Link Between a Formal Debt Policy and Replacement Reserves William O. Cleverley, Ph.D., and James O. Cleverley  JHM 50:3
The Revolution in Hospital Management John R. Griffith, FACHE, and Kenneth R. White, Ph.D., FACHE  JHM 50:3
What Do We Owe the Dying? Strategies to Strengthen End-Of-Life Care Sara Imhof and Brian Kaskie, Ph.D.  JHM 50:3