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Aligning Financial Incentives Kaveh Safavi  JHM 51:3
Current Marketing Practices ain the Nursing Home Sector Judith G. Calhoun, Jane Banaszak-Holl, and Larry R. Hearld  JHM 51:3
Healthcare CEOs and Physicians: Reaching Common Ground J. Deane Waldman, Howard L. Smith, and Jacqueline N. Hood  JHM 51:3
Interview Kyle L. Grazier  JHM 51:3
Knowledge of the Healthcare Environment Andrew N.Garman and and Lan Tran  JHM 51:3
The Performance of Mecicare, Medicaid, and Individual Commercial Products Diane M. Howard, Kevin Croke, Edward Mensah, and Ross Mullner  JHM 51:3