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Establishment of a Communitywide EMS First-Responder Program Thomas H. Gee  JHM 52:3
Hospital Patient Safety: Characteristics of Best-Performing Hospitals Daniel R. Longo, John E. Hewett, Bin Ge and Shari Schubert  JHM 52:3
Interview with Douglas Hawthorne, FACHE Kyle L. Grazier  JHM 52:3
Management Development: A Study of Nurse Managerial Activities and Skills Li-Min Lin, Jen-Her Wu, Ing-Chung Huang, Kuo-Hung Tseng, and John J. Lawler  JHM 52:3
Real Options Reasoning in Healthcare: An Integrative Approach and Synopsis David R. Williams and Paul H. Hammes  JHM 52:3
Regional Health Information Networks and the Emerging Organizational Christina Beach Thielst  JHM 52:3
The Role of Leadership in Creating a Diversity-Sensitive Organization Janice L. Dreachslin  JHM 52:3