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Adopting and Implementing a Policy Governance Model John C. Grossmeier  JHM 52:5
Assessing the Performance of Freestanding Hospitals Michael J. McCue and Mark L. Diana  JHM 52:5
Competing Values in Healthcare: Balancing the (Un) Balanced Scorecard Angela M. Wicks and Lynda St. Clair  JHM 52:5
Interview with Diane Peterson, FACHE, chairman and chief executive officer, D. Peterson & Associates Kyle L. Grazier  JHM 52:5
Recruitment and Retention of a Diverse Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities Valerie L. Myers and Janice L. Dreachslin  JHM 52:5
The Informed Decisions Toolbox: Tools for Knowledge Transfer and Performance Improvement Thomas G. Rundall, Peter F. Martelli, Laura Arroyo, Rodney McCurdy, Ilana Graetz, Esther B. Neuwirth, Pam Curtis, Julie Schmittdiel, Mark Gibson, and John Hsu  JHM 52:5
Weblogs: A Communication Tool Christina Beach Thielst  JHM 52:5