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Complex Adaptive Strategy to Produce Capacity-Driven Financial Improvement Terry Capuano, Richard MacKenzie, Kristi Pintar, Deborah Halkins, and Brian Nester  JHM 54:5
Engaging Physicians to Adopt Healthcare Information Technology Kenneth H. Cohn, Joel Berman, Barry Chaiken, David Green, Michael Green, Deane Morrison, and Joseph E. Scherger  JHM 54:5
How Have Mandated Nurse Staffing Ratios Affected Hospitals? Perspectives from California Hospital Leaders Susan A. Chapman, Joanne Spetz, Jean Ann Seago, Jennifer Kaiser, Catherine Dower and Carolina Herrera  JHM 54:5
Information Technology Implementation in a Rural Hospital: A Cautionary Tale Joanne Spetz and Dennis Keane  JHM 54:5
Interview with David P. Gehant, FACHE Kyle L. Grazier  JHM 54:5
Reporting Community Benefit: A Guideline for Navigating the IRS Form 990, Schedule H Julie Trocchio  JHM 54:5