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"Alternative" Healthcare: Access as a Revenue Source in a Consumer-Driven Market A. Michael LaPenna  JHM 55:1
How Healthcare Organizations Use the Internet to Market Quality Achievements Lee Revere and Leroy Robinson Jr.  JHM 55:1
How Patient Reactions to Hospital Care Attributes Affect the Evaluation of Overal Quality of Care, Willingness to Recommend, and Willingness to Return Koichiro Otani, Brian Waterman, Kelly M. Faulkner, Sarah Boslaugh, and W. Claiborne Dunagan  JHM 55:1
Interview with Richard S. Kurz, PhD Stephen J. O'Connor, PhD  JHM 55:1
Job Satisfaction in the Home Health Care Context: Validating a Customized Instrument for Application Grant B. Morgan, John J. Sherlock, and William J. Ritchie  JHM 55:1
Using Existing Case-Mix Methods to Fund Trauma Cases Julia Monakova, Irene Blais, Charles Botz, Yuriy Chechulin, Gino Picciano, and Antoni Basinski  JHM 55:1