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A Practical Roadmap for the Perilous Journey from a Culture of Entitlement to a Culture of Accountability Nathan S. Kaufman  JHM 56:5
Can Utilization Review Criteria Be Used to Determine Appropriate Pediatric Patient Placement for a Critical Care Bed Expansion? Donna Jamieson, Theresa A. Mikhailov, Kristyn Maletta, Evelyn M. Kuhn, Lauren Giuliani, Jeanne Musolf, Kay Fischer, and Maureen Collins  JHM 56:5
Hospital Financial Position and the Adoption of Electronic Health Records Gregory O. Ginn, Jay J. Shen, and Charles B. Moseley  JHM 56:5
Interview with Brett D. Lee, PhD, FACHE, Senior Vice President of System Clinical Operations, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Stephen J. O'Connor  JHM 56:5
Making the CMS Payment Policy for Healthcare-Associated Infections Work: Organizational Factors That Matter Timothy Hoff, Christine W. Hartmann, Christina Soerensen, Peter Wroe, Maya Dutta-Linn, and Grace Lee  JHM 56:5
Portion Control Opportunities: Real Time Gains for Hospital Patient Throughput Alan J. Golding and Shari B. Robbins  JHM 56:5