Managing Ethically: An Executive's Guide

Paul B. Hofmann, DrPH, LFACHE William A. Nelson, PhD, HFACHE

ISBN: 9781567931495
Softbound, 276pp, 2001
Order Code: 1118

Book Description

New Edition Publishing December 2009!

Well-crafted policies and procedures do not ensure an ethical organization; it is the result of leadership and staff acknowledging the importance of ethics in their everyday work life. This book can help you cope with and respond to everyday ethical issues. This anthology of columns on ethics from Healthcare Executive magazine covers many of the common ethical issues you encounter. The book is organized by topic so you locate advice about a current conflict easily.

Topics covered include:
  • The executive's role in clinical matters
  • Respecting proprietary information
  • Ethical issues surrounding managed care
  • The ethics of downsizing
  • Balancing professional and personal priorities
  • Trust and physician payment
  • Reporting unethical behavior
  • Protecting patient rights
  • Allocating limited capital resources
  • Publicizing superior care
  • Dealing with noncompliant patients

What Readers Are Saying

"This volume fills an aching void in healthcare management ethics. It promises to be the go-to book for students and managers seeking to address business and professional ethics in a healthcare environment."

--Kenneth W. Goodman, University of Miami Ethics Program