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Collaborate for Success! Breakthrough Strategies for Engaging Physicians, Nurses, and Hospital Executives

Kenneth H. Cohn, MD

ISBN: 9781567932621
Softbound, 164pp, 2006
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Book Description

Although doctors, nurses, and administrators differ widely in their training and outlook, they share the same patients and the goal of providing safe and effective care. This book provides novel strategies for fostering collaboration among these diverse professionals. Each approach is illustrated by a case example and supported with practical tips for implementation. These strategies will help healthcare teams leverage their unique talents, improve patient care, and reconnect with the ideals that attracted them to a career in healthcare.

This book describes how to:

  • Use constructive conflict to open the lines of communication
  • Maintain the loyalty of outpatient physicians Optimize the contributions of hospitalists
  • Use crew resource management techniques to improve communication and collaboration
  • Encourage physicians to reach consensus on clinical priorities
  • Use clinical teams to reduce malpractice risk and improve outcomes
  • Adopt disease-based approaches to patient care
  • Use blogs to create virtual communities among professionals
  • Apply techniques from the Toyota Production System to empower frontline staff