Health Policy Issues: An Economic Perspective, Fourth Edition

Paul J. Feldstein, PhD

ISBN: 9781567932744
Hardbound, 592pp, 2007
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Book Description

Why are those who need health insurance least able to buy it?

Is there an impending shortage of physicians?

Has competition been tried—and failed to improve healthcare?

Now in its fourth edition, Health Policy Issues: An Economic Perspective tackles these questions as well as provides short discussions on many topics related to the financing and delivery of health services. This popular book examines health policy from an economic perspective.

The new edition includes extensive updates to many figures and tables, as well as new discussions of topical issues including:

  • The factors leading to and the possible affects of physician shortages or surpluses
  • Recent developments in managed care including report cards and pay-for-performance programs
  • The forces shaping the hospital’s future role in the health care system
  • The differences between medical markets and competitive markets, and why increasing competition among medical markets is desirable
  • The policy dilemma of reducing the high price markup of breakthrough drugs versus maintaining incentives for investing in research and development

    Instructor Resources: Chapter overviews, key words, discussion questions and talking points, sample exam questions, and PowerPoint slides. To see a sample click the link in the right-hand navigation bar.