Healthcare Finance: An Introduction to Accounting and Financial Management, Fourth Edition

Louis C. Gapenski, PhD

ISBN: 9781567932805
Hardbound, 680pp, 2007
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Book Description

Like its predecessors, this textbook teaches the reader the fundamental concepts of healthcare finance, including both financial management and accounting.

The fourth edition features:

  • New or expanded coverage of:
    • Municipal bond pools
    • Cost of capital for not-for-profit and small businesses
    • Modified internal rate of return
    • Supply chain management
    • Health savings accounts
  • Current information on reimbursement, along with updated real-world examples
  • Easy-to-grasp spreadsheet illustrations of the calculations throughout the book
  • Learning aids, including a glossary; self-test questions; and end-of-chapter key concepts, questions, and problems

Companion website

Go online to access additional learning tools, including:

  • Bonus chapter on distributions to owners of for-profit businesses
  • Bonus chapter that covers capitation, rate setting, and risk sharing
  • Appendix that provides a list of financial and operating indicator ratios and their definitions

Companion casebook

Cases in Healthcare Finance, also published by Health Administration Press, is an ideal supplement to this text. Through real-world cases, it provides the opportunity to bridge the gap between learning concepts in a lecture setting and actually applying these concepts on the job. Be better prepared to deal with the multitude of issues that arise in the practice of healthcare finance.

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Instructor Resources: Talking points for questions, answers to problems, PowerPoint slides, and a course outline. To see a sample click the link in the right-hand navigation bar.