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Employment Contracts for Healthcare Executives: Rationale, Trends, and Samples, Fifth Edition

ISBN: 9781567933390
Softbound, 176pp, 2009
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Book Description

Employment contracts benefit healthcare organizations and the executives they employ. Contracts empower leaders to take risks and confront politically sensitive issues. They also help healthcare organizations attract and retain highly competent leaders.

In this book, experts in executive search, healthcare law, and executive compensation explain the benefits of contracts and provide advice on all aspects of contract negotiation—from raising the subject through determining the elements of the agreement.

Samples included on CD-ROM

An enclosed CD-ROM includes sample contracts and letters of agreement that can be adapted for your use:

  • Long form contract, recommended for newly hired CEOs
  • Short form contract or letter of agreement for CEOs
  • Letter of agreement for key non-CEO executives Separation agreement for CEOs

    The book also includes comments from healthcare executives who share the lessons they have learned through their own experiences with employment contracts.