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Health Policy Issues: An Economic Perspective, Sixth Edition

Paul J. Feldstein, PhD

ISBN: 9781567936964
Hardbound, 651pp, 2015
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Book Description

Instructor Resources: Test bank, course lesson plans, PowerPoint slides, teaching tips, discussion questions with answer guides, chapter overviews, and a transition guide to the new edition.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), the most significant public policy enacted in many years, affects all aspects of healthcare financing and delivery. Health Policy Issues: An Economic Perspective, Sixth Edition, has been thoroughly revised to explain the magnitude of this legislation and how it affects everyone, including physicians, hospitals, employers, employees, insurers, the uninsured, and state and federal governments. Renowned economist Paul Feldstein not only addresses the underlying issues and politics of healthcare but also explains why the health system has evolved to its current state. Thirty-six short, topical chapters give students a comprehensive overview of the delivery of medical services through a unique economic perspective.

Reflecting the widespread implications of the ACA, specific components of the ACA are discussed in the context of many of the book’s chapters. Consequently, the ACA is linked to topics such as:

  • The rise of medical expenditures
  • The high price of prescription drugs
  • The impending shortage of physicians
  • The future role of hospitals
  • The evolution of managed care

The new edition of this highly regarded book incorporates current events, recent data, and new research to promote classroom discussion about the more significant issues underlying the politics and economics of healthcare. Ideally suited for health policy and economics courses, this book encourages students to think critically and clearly about issues involving physicians, nurses, health insurance, competition, the pharmaceutical industry, and more. This book includes a glossary of terms and an appendix that briefly summarizes the ACA.

What Readers Are Saying

"Health Policy Issues stands out among the crowd of health policy texts. It is the most up to date, from an economic and issues perspective, of any on the market. The book is very concise and uses strong pedagogical strategies -- short chapters, discussion questions, notes of key points, and further readings. Many chapters in the new edition are revamped to include the changes due to the ACA. The chapter on the politics of healthcare reform delves into the issues and economics of the next phase of implementation. The appendix is a nice overview of the ACA and the glossary offers a very complete list of key terms." --Doody's Review Service